Film Nomad, a film development program designed to support Mongolian filmmakers in bringing their stories to the screen. The program is dedicated to nurturing the talent and creativity of emerging and established filmmakers in Mongolia, providing them with the resources, training, and mentorship needed to develop their projects and advance their careers.  


Film Nomad team believe that film has the power to inspire, educate, and unite people from all walks of life. The program is committed to helping Mongolian filmmakers tell authentic and compelling stories that reflect the rich culture and history of their country, while also exploring universal themes and issues that resonate with audiences around the world.  


Through the program, filmmakers will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, masterclasses, and networking events with local and international industry professionals, as well as to gain insight into the global film industry and to learn how they can access funding to bring their cinematic visions to life. The program is dedicated to building a vibrant and inclusive film community in Mongolia. A film development program for Mongolian filmmakers  


Film Nomad film development program is a structured program designed to help aspiring Mongolian filmmakers and screenwriters from the early stages of concept and script development through to pre-production. The Film Nomad program is open to filmmakers working in a range of genres, including narrative, documentary, and experimental films. To be eligible for the program, applicants must be Mongolian citizens, and must have a strong interest in developing their skills and pursuing a career in filmmaking.  


Filmnomad is funded by the Mongolian National Film Council and Ministry of Culture.